David August and Hollywood… Lights, Camera, Style!

Oh yeah…also this month’s cover boy, Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss—a David August lifer since he took over the reigns of the NBA’s most successful franchise many years ago. Moreover, we’re proud to say we have officially dressed our first superhero!

That’s right. Robert Downey Jr., aka Tony Stark of Iron Man (1 & 2) now dons the David August label. While we’re not responsible for the actual costume Iron Man wears while he’s saving our world from the perils that lie among us, the stylish suits Tony Stark wears throughout both films are exclusively David August Couture. Even off screen, Downey is one of the latest Hollywood A-listers that looks exclusively to David August for all of his clothing needs.

We’d like to think this comes as no surprise. At David August, we have become world-renowned for our style, attention to detail, and unmatched quality. Our team includes the finest master tailors in the world, who meticulously handcraft each piece of clothing with exquisite detail and unmatched precision. Every fabric choice, every line, every stitch is our obsession. Every accessory, from shoes and belts, to ties and knitwear, are considered and planned to perfection.

The complete David August experience is like no other, from the initial meeting where measurements are taken and fabrics are chosen, to the final fitting where we ensure a well-tailored fit and ultimate satisfaction. This is when our clients begin to understand the thrill of being impeccably dressed and the sense of power and pride that it brings.

We’re also proud to announce that you can see our wardrobe in the upcoming summer blockbuster, Passion Play, starring the incomparable Mickey Rourke and the equally stunning Megan Fox.

And while we dress the best stars in Hollywood, we’d like to think every man’s closet is calling out for the David August label. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, or just flying around the universe like Iron Man, our top-notch clothiers are ready to serve all of your clothing needs, whether it’s the finest tuxedo or something casual for that summer afternoon
brunch at the beach.

You could say we’re the Iron Man of men’s clothing!

Best Wishes,

David Heil

David August Lifestyle
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