Alicia Keys at Via dei Mille NYC

It’s called concrete jungle for a reason. At times, it can be a steep uphill climb beneath a blazing sun and a fall in the piranha pool when you are looking for water.  But then there are moments that leave this resounding, refreshing quality of the quintessential NYC chic. The moments I always dreamed of when following the bright lights to this golden city (or concrete jungle) I like to call home.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats leaving Via dei Mille

Last week dining at Via dei Mille was just one of those moments. In the company of Celebrity Pop-culture Blogger Jonathan Valdez, Publicist Natasha Huang, and Alec Cohen of (like the next big enterprise to revolutionize the catering industry), we dined on course after course (and cocktail after cocktail) over stimulating conversation. Alicia Keys dined with entourage at the adjacent table, a nice reminder to keep our Empire State of Mind.

Haute Tasting Highlights

Chef Emanuele Simeoni recently took reign of Via dei Mille’s kitchen as Executive Chef and he does not disappoint. His menu shows skill of traditional Italian dishes with an innovative edge. Here’s what to order…

  • Parmiggiana di Melanzane e Fonduta di Bufala (Eggplant Parmesan with Bufala Mozzarella Fondue). The warm sensations of rich tomato, creamy cheese is an ultimate comfort fix and perfect for sharing or enjoying solo.
  • Spaghetti alla Chitarra (Guitar Style Homemade Spaghetti with Pecorino Cheese, Black Pepper and Fresh Pear). “I was six years old when I made my first homemade pasta by myself,” said Chef Emanuele Simone. Pasta is practically in Emanuele’s DNA and it shows. This is a delicious, satisfying dish with stimulating flavors.
  • Panna Cotta Dessert is a must order at Via dei Mille. Even when you think you couldn’t possibly indulge, your spoon suddenly hits the bottom of the dish and you are scraping for more. Yes, it’s that good.

Chapman’s Chopping Block

  • Tortino di Montasio e Prosciutto. Though this is a chef signature dish, my taste buds were a bit sleepy after this dish and the arugula pesto just didn’t speak up.

Ultimate Haute Luxury Value

  • The clientele. Via dei Mille is where celebrities, power players and well dressed beautiful people drink and dine. On a weekday evening it’s perfect for an evening of cool subdued Soho atmosphere. Though it’s not dining on a shoestring, it won’t break your bank account to see and be scene.

Haute Insider Tip

  • Ask for Samoil, he’s a super haute server who knows his way around a menu.
  • Instead of butter or olive oil, Via dei Mille has an amazing dip of spicy lentils that is served with the bread. Insiders know to ask for some fresh parmesan for the dip. It’s literally the best thing since sliced bread.

Via dei Mille is located at 357 West Broadway New York, NY 212.431.0080