A Shoe-In Blue Blood

Class is now in session. We’re talking about the kind that you should have exhibited when you chose to breakup with your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Oh right, that kind. Today’s lesson is in fine cobbled luxury.

If secret societies’ Kryptonite were high-end slippers, Del Toro shoes would be them. We could see this secret society counting Prince Albert, James Bond, Hugh Hefner, and the cast of Cruel Intentions as alums, but your name doesn’t have to be Sebastian to wear Del Toro’s debonair kicks. Whether you’re a gent who typically foots the bill or in need of a status update, slip your feet into dapper Del Toro’s.

Nothing goes better with a smoking jacket, silk cravat, and scotch than a pair of Del Toro’s velvet, linen, and leather loafers, but these utilitarian shoes effortlessly transform from black-tie affair to country club cool to beach barbecue casual. The Classic velvet loafer comes in elegant staple colors of night black, walnut brown, navy blue, or loden green, and Del Toro’s new Linen style comes in fierce new colors and patterns, like Devil’s Advocate Red.

Del Toro’s Collegiate collection allows customers to school their shoes, literally. Pick from fraternal organization crests or school emblems (which in this case, could be named Sebastian.) Ladies, Del Toro hasn’t forgotten about you; Del Toro shoes are unisex, come in a variety of colors and patterns, and are fully customizable. Choose from embroidery featuring sports, nautical images, and much more, or send in your own designs or coat of arms, then choose a thread color, wait a few months and Del Toro will present you with perfection.

Del Toro also proffers the option of monogramming initials on its shoes, making them royal gifts and suitable for bestowing upon a wedding party; The bridal party could opt for wedding florals in the color of the wedding, while the groom’s party could go with skull and crossbones…we mean, monogrammed initials in the color of the wedding because certain occasions call for the appropriate pair of formally fun shoes.

Who are the shoe snobs behind Spanish-made Del Toro shoes? Not snobs at all. In fact, Del Toro grew out of a need to find a more affordable classy shoe. Style-savvy founders Matthew S. Chevallard, James G. Bohannon, and Nathaniel C. Wish were looking for fine footwear emblazoned with their school’s logo to wear while smoking their senior cigars, but once they realized this would cost them more than $900 and an eight-month wait, the boarding school prepsters took designing into their own hands, resulting in the creation of Del Toro shoes. Italian-born co-founder and president Matthew Chevallard was bred between Palm Beach and Miami Beach, later attending the prestigious Lawrenceville school outside of Princeton, and recently graduating from the University of Miami. Despite vernal youth, Del Toro’s founders have managed to bring cultured, classic, regal wear to society.

Del Toro shoes range from $165 to $275 and take up to four months to receive if custom-designed. Del Toro is consistently adding different trim colors, more color options, a variety of school emblems, and numerous other fabrics (think canvas, silk, and weaves.)

Always pledge to be well-heeled. After all, yachtsmen, Ivy Leaguers, and trust fund babies have soles too. Here’s to the pursuit of life, liberty, and high-class kicks.

Del Toro is located at 1521 Alton Road, Suite 318, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Call 888.242.1112 or shop Del Toro shoes exclusively at www.deltoroshoes.com.