The Residence Collection: Dubai Buyers Acquire Luxury London Property

Prime London property is expected to capture the eyes of Middle Eastern investors eager to take advantage of the UK’s weak currency. This current is mainly focused at properties in the mid-prime range of 10million AED and over thus marking a shift in more investment related purchases for Middle Eastern buyers. Founded by father and daughter team Mahesh Gosrani and Heta Shah (pictured above), The Residence Collection caters to the needs of high net worth individuals in the Middle East and the UK searching for the perfect London property.

“We are noticing an increased demand from our Middle Eastern clients for properties in the mid to prime price range. This is a departure from the traditional buying profile, which was focused on areas such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge Belgravia and Chelsea and ‘super prime’ properties. Popular new areas include wealthy suburban areas including Richmond, Moor Park and Wimbledon,” states Heta Shah.

Mahesh and Heta work with developers, private owners and London’s top estate and niche agents exclusively for their clients. Prospective buyers will receive tours of preferred locations as well as valuable guidance regarding top lawyers, surveyors, financial consultants and renowned architects and interior designers. You will also be introduced to luxury concierge services and property management teams. Shopping for prime property with the Residence Collection becomes a way of life and creates a personally designed lifestyle package of high living.