Star Sticks To Be the Main Attraction at the Renovated Design Center of the Americas

South Florida is about to have another sculpture to add to its collection of art. A three-story-high floating sculpture entitled “Star Sticks” will be a main focus of the Design Center of the Americas, which is currently in the process of renovating its South Florida-based campus, the largest design center campus in the world.

New York art advisor Helen Varola curated the piece, originally created by notable contemporary artiste Morgane Tschiember of Paris.

For those with an eye for art, “Star Sticks” is an installation progressed from Tschiember’s continuous research on form appearing. The sculpture is composed of numerous 13-foot sticks, all of which are painted with a glossy assortment of bright colors. With a closer look, viewers will see that each stick features the recurrent motif of a star, creating an overlap between stars and stripes.

The use of space is on point, as the permanent installation gives off an expansive vision of gravitational stretch from the star design. This detailed, intertwined piece cascades down from the ceiling and suspends over the viewer, giving it an interactive feel. Keeping with this vibe, viewers will notice that the perception of the piece changes based on shifting vantage points.  “Star Sticks” aims to provoke curiosity and a sense of stellar excitement.

The renovation project, which began in late 2009, aims to bring a more pleasing and welcoming ambiance to the building by accentuating both interior and exterior developments.