Serial Entrepreneur

The Wall Street Journal said that Bella was the “biggest surprise of the year.” But perhaps the biggest surprise in this story is how a driven young man, with all the aptitude for building big businesses, transformed a low budget film into such a heralded breakout piece of entertainment. Alejandro Sanz, the most Grammy award winning Spanish singer/songwriter in history, donated two compositions after being floored by the performance of the film, as did the lead singer of Switchfoot, who donated the song he wrote for his wife when they were dating. Moreover, Grammy and Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter Tony Bennett hailed Bella as “The best movie of the year, a perfect film, a masterpiece.” This is a true story of underdog on top, inspiring many unsuspecting players in the entertainment industry.

Currently, The One Media Group has three more motion pictures in development, including Phonies, an animated film in which cell phones rule the world.

For someone who placed so much importance on his family life from an early age, an animated flick seems like a natural progression. “The most important thing to me is my wife and children,” says Wolfington, who, along with his wife, Ana, has four children ranging from eight months to seven years old. Ana, who lit up his world during a business trip to London years ago, is his partner in life and in business. She is the co-chairman of the board of the Wolfington Companies, where she “is an incredible source of wisdom.” And, Wolfington brags, “She is the most unbelievable mother and wife that anyone could ever want, and she is my best friend”

Their life in South Florida began in 2006 after Wolfington purchased Cher’s iconic house on Mashta Island (the posh location for the Haute Living photo shoot featuring Wolfington and his beautiful wife) as a vacation home. But after falling in love with Key Biscayne and the surrounding areas, the Wolfingtons decided to relocate from Philadelphia to Miami full time. They still spend summers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in order to connect with their large family. And this summer, Wolfington’s eldest son will follow in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps by selling water bottles on the beaches of Avalon, a hobby he picked up last year after selling collected seashells at the local pancake joint. At just seven years old, he has brought the Wolfington legacy full circle.