Out of the Humidor: Rocky Patel Decade Edicion Limitada

Though he may be approaching 50 years old, Rocky Patel shows no signs of aging and certainly no signs of slowing down.  Rocky’s slow, steady and deliberate growth of his cigar empire are what has allowed him to not only survive the “cigar boom” of the 1990’s but to catapult his company to a whole new level in the 2000’s becoming one of the world’s best selling premium cigars as well as he becoming one of the world’s most recognized cigar personalities.
Beginning with a brand called Indian Tabac in 1998 with a production of about 150,000 cigars (phased out in 2002), the Rocky Patel Brand and its sister brands now account for over 16 Million cigars annually.  His impeccable taste, attention to detail, and demand for quality is evident in the way he dresses, the food he eats (and cooks), the wine he drinks and certainly the cigars he creates.  Though his production quantity is impressive, consistency and quality remain his top priority.  After the successful launch of the Rocky Patel Decade in 2008, Rocky halted production for 3 months despite the overwhelming demand for these amazing smokes, citing a need for further fermentation for the wrapper tobacco.  It’s this attention to detail the keeps Rocky among the most in-demand brands in the US.
His latest creation to reach stores is the Rocky Patel Decade Edicion Limitada.  The “guts” of the cigar remain the same as the Rocky Patel Decade (filler and binder tobaccos from Nicaragua).  However, standing in for the Decade’s standard Ecuadorian wrapper is a beautiful American grown Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper- the same wrapper that finishes his Patel Bros. line of cigars; Rocky’s joint venture with his brother Nish.  A round cigar (the standard decade line is box-pressed) with a commemorative foot-band at the cigar’s base to indicate the Edicion Limitada distinction, this unique combination of rich tobaccos offers a unique full-bodied cigar with a touch of sweetness that is more bitter-sweet than sugar-sweet.  The Decade Edicion Limitada is available in 5 formats packed in boxes of 20 cigars at average retail price of around $10.
For more information, visit www.rockypatel.com.