Most Wanted: Aubade Swimwear, Mon Amie

You can never have enough of a good thing. This includes swimwear. So, when you jet off to an exotic island this summer, you need to have variety and luxury. And we all know that is not an easy thing. There are a lot of great options out there when it comes to swimwear, but there is one designer that does the job perfectly.

If you shop at Intimacy, the super-luxe, super tailored lingerie boutique in Phipps Plaza, then chances are you have a bra from this French designer Aubade. There is something about the fit, the texture and shape that scream perfection.  The other day, I was talking to the bra counselors while at Intimacy and told them my frustration with finding a great suit for the summer. I told them, jokingly, maybe I could just wear my favorite bra and panty set from Aubade. Nobody would know. After laughing and making me promise never to do that, they introduced me to the Aubade swimwear line. Who knew?

The French lingerie de femee has pioneered the lingerie revolution with their innovative approach dating back to the 1960s. When lingerie was seen as a functional product first and foremost, Aubade looked at lingerie as a product for one’s pleasure and femininity. This philosophy is reflected in all their designs. And in 2003, the Aubade launched their swimwear line and je t’adore. The elegant and contoured line of swimwear is perfect for your beach trips and poolside rendezvous.

My favorite is the Aubade Sunshine Coast swimsuit with its modern shapes combined with bright and floral prints. Along with the shape and design, the soft, satiny feel of the suit really seals the deal.

Aubade swimwear is available at Intimacy, Phipps Plaza, 404.261.9333.