Local Company SkinzWraps Will Target Haute Cars for Custom Wraps

It’s like a dream, or a nightmare: A Challenge-series Ferrari, turned inside out, the mechanical innards all visable, with a skeleton at the wheel.

This is just one of SkinzWraps creative designs.

Deep Ellum-based SkinzWraps has been coating the exterior of buses, boats and cars in advertisements for the last eight years. They can claim DART as one of their many clients, and for awhile, this kind of art work satisfied the designers. Yet now SkinzWraps has identified a trend that they intend to capitalize on: wrapping rare, expensive cars in the names of performance and fashion.

So far they have wrapped a 599 Ferrari in Flat Black (the owner likes it because he never has to wash his car,) a Lamborghini and a Porsche, all of which are industry firsts, according to SkinzWraps CEO Peter C. Salaverry. A new perforated wrap the company has crafted will reduce drag to get better speed and gas mileage, contends Salaverry. The MPG-Plus wrap was on the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters last October, and to the hosts’ surprise, it was proven to increase vehicle aerodynamics. So not only will your haute car look good, it will be good.

Although SkinzWraps is based in Dallas, they have satellite offices in Los Angeles, Florida, New York City and now Rome, Italy. They have wrapped everything fromĀ  race cars to show room cars, including the Boardwalk Auto Group here in town that sell Audi, Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari models. SkinzWraps has one mission this year: to attend the car trade show in Las Vegas and find someone with an extremely rare Ferrari Enzo to cover.