Tastes of Taggia Without the Airfare

What do you get when you combine a gorgeous backdrop of element themed decor, the Arizona springtime weather, a cultivated menu, and a chef that takes his work very seriously?  A night of sheer sensory enjoyment and an extremely happy stomach at Taggia, in Scottsdale’s Firesky Resort.

The city of Taggia in Italy is an ancient seaside residence very prominent during the Roman Empire years, and remains a fantastic tourist spot for old-world enthusiasts today.  Being a coastal city, much of the food is brought from the sea and turned into amazing Italian dishes, something our Scottsdale Taggia also takes great care in doing, keeping with the origin of the title and it’s rich cuisine history. Many dishes feature seafood influences and everything follows that seaside Mediterranean style seamlessly and with creativity and great taste.  The halibut alone is worth a valet parking tip, as your tastebuds will thank you for weeks to come.

The man keeping up with the geographical influences and extravagant Scottsdale tastebuds for Taggia is the incredible Chef Saio, a true talent in the vibrant Scottsdale culinary scene.  He is a member of the slow food movement, a devotion to utilizing local ingredients and incorporating as much organic and natural products as possible, while also keeping things simple and in line with the restaurant’s coastal Italian theme.  The menu features so many choices a person is hard-pressed to make a decision between the fresh seafood flown in daily, braised homemade meatballs, and the Anson Mills polenta.  After absorbing all of the menu’s delicious options, one quickly decides that the best choice is to simply order them all!  Yet while the menu remains world-class, the atmosphere is very relaxed, and surrounded by the intimate and warm atmosphere of the Firesky Resort.

One exceptionally unique feature of this restaurant is also an exceptionally unique characterstic of this resort, and that’s it’s commitment to retaining the only Green Seal Certification any resort has obtained in the state, creating a truly eco-friendly and creatively responsible environment.  Everything in this restaurant is reused, recycled, and reduced as much as possible.  The wine bottles are melted down by a local company and turned into wine glasses later used in the bar, the pallets food is delivered upon is required to be disposed of by the delivering party to avoid adding to the waste of the resort, and every single operating factor in this entire space is subjected to stringent eco-friendly measures and requirements.  They are committed to using products and ingredients from local farmers and vendors as much as possible, and they are highly conscious of their impact on the environment, all without sacrificing one iota of flavor. It’s amazing to know that becoming green doesn’t mean losing appeal to the tastebuds, and that in all actuality, the commitment to local, organic, and seasonal foods is probably a key factor in the amazing flavors you experience at Taggia.  Green equals delicious, who knew?!