Straightforward New Finnish Design

“Straight forward” implies moving ahead in a direct course. To be “straightforward” is to be honest, frank, and open. For the Finns it is a state of mind and a way of life. In Finland desing has to make sense, be meaningful, be straightforward.” – Curators Paula Bello & Teemu Oksanen.

This past weekend, STRAIGHTFORWARD, organized by the Consulate General of Finland and Finnish Cultural Institute in New York staged an interactive pop-up store, exhibition and lounge center at the Chelsea Market during Meatpacking Design District ’10.

A few of the Hautest highlights from the show, which we enjoyed at the VIP Party Sunday Night…


The fly on the wall you will want to keep and frankly may even save your life. Jalo Helsinki was established by five entrepreneurs with one vision – to free the world of injuries and death caused by fire. The players partnered with Finnish design superstars Harri Koskinen and Paola Suhonen for the project. Lento (the playful fly) is a smoke alarm and the first step in Jalo Helsinki’s vision. For more of Paola Suhonen’s designs check out her clothing at


Award winning designer Jukka Korpihete presents HUT, a tranquil lighting addition to a residential or public space. The shade is made of either black or white Woodnotes Open Sky paper yarn cotton fabric. Strong and durable, the paper yarn is earth friendly biodegradable and white paper even produced without chlorine. Most amazing about this intelligent design is that it does not collect dust or dirt.


Exploring stability versus instability, Tokyo based architect Toni Kauppila nailed it on Tatit, a set of two stools constructed from Finnish laminated pine. Tatit encourages ergonomic siting, so less visits to the chiropractor, and you will look pretty sleek perched on the Wallpaper 2010 Design Award Winning Stool of the year. (


Show off your pedi this summer in these hot to trot conversation starter shoes. Entitled Wave, Marita Huurinainen won the Ornamo design Award 2009 for the design. Based on Nordic design artifacts, with a contemporary feel, Wave are 100% made in Finland. Long live the Finns!  (

For more information on the STRAIGHTFORWARD check out