Rio de Chicago

Looking for a cultural fix? Al Primo Canto Galeteria combines Argentinian and Italian cuisine in a family style, all you can eat feast. Because everyone’s family when there’s plentiful amounts of food around.

A concept popular in the South of Brazil, galeterias are a type of eatery that specialize in small, young chickens slow roasted over natural hardwood in a brick oven rotisserie. If you elect to go with Al Primo’s signature all you can eat option, your meal starts off with a trio of aperitivos, roasted eggplant with tahini sauce, pasta and homemade cheese bread. Fast forward to the main course, where the house chicken, lamb, beef and pastas overflow aplenty until you wave the white flag. With a strong Italian influence infused in the dishes, the signature chicken plate and what the restaurant is vividly named after is the galeto al primo canto in reference to the age of the chicken when it reaches the market. Or the age the young bird decides to fly the coop.

Imported in one piece from Brazil, the brick-lined, wood-fired rotisserie oven is a symbolic of Elbekai’s commitment to authenticity and the backbone of Al Primo Canto. All the meats are seasoned with a variety of herbs (some with up to 15 different flavors) and slow roasted, which you can salivate over all night thanks to the open kitchen.

Like a little ambiance with your plates? Live jazz guitar provided by the Jacob Wilson Trio sets the mood every Friday and Saturday evening.

You won’t even have to worry about Grandma stealing the last bite because the meats just keep on coming.

Al Primo Canto Galeteria is located at 749 N Clark St. in Chicago.