Patrick Mavros and the Magic of Silver Objets d’Art from Africa to the Gulf

Master sculptor Patrick Mavros has created some of the most extraordinary silver sculptures in Africa. His charismatic and powerful personality as well as the storytelling he has endowed each work have gained him prestigious clients such as Denzel Washington, The King of Spain, Barack Obama, and various Royal Families in the Gulf region.

Patrick Mavros was born in Matabeleland, the wild western province of Zimbabwe. He grew up with a great affinity for wildlife and tried a variety of trades before he became a sculptor-by chance. He began his business in 1979 after he made a pair of silver ivory earrings for his wife that were admired by many of her friends. Since that moment he began his work creating unusual silver sculptures such as a pair of silver crocodile belt buckles, sterling silver elephant hair bangles, and elephant and tortoise ashtrays.

Within each piece Mavros captures the ‘mystery and magic of Africa’ as he likes to put it, transporting the drama as well as the beauty of the continent to the outside public. Any beholder can see the relentless attention to detail which he installs in each work and which is, in part, the secret to his success. His beautiful sculptures have effectively lead him to create an African Luxury brand.

Mavros uses the technique of “lost wax casting” which is environmentally friendly and ensures that the mould which is created can be used only once therefore making works which are truly one of a kind and unreproducible. Each piece is thus handmade with the finest craftsmanship. With a faithful following of clients in the Middle East, the artist and his four sons, who now continue his legacy, regularly come to the Gulf region and exhibited last year at the Abu Dhabi Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition. The latest collection, Belle Mer, was designed by Forbes Mavros and expresses the femininity and grace of the natural life of Mauritius, where he now resides.

The Mavros creations can be found at the Patrick Mavros flagship store located in Fulham, London, the Showcase Gallery in Dubai,  The Contemporary Living Room in Harrods, or through the online store