Amazing Agave Ambience: Westin Kierland Spa

The Westin Kierland Resort is one of those impeccable spots in the world where everything seems effortlessly right.  The grounds are breathtaking, the staff is accommodating, and the 732-room resort is large in a non-imposing manner, simply stating it’s abundance in an elegant fashion under the bright Arizona sun.  The guests of this oasis are not your run-of-the-mill crowd, and they’re not the hipsters you find in Old Town Scottsdale, they’re the select group that have taste and choose to stay where class comes first.

The Agave Spa at the Westin Kierland is no different than the sprawling lobby and purposefully decorated rooms in grand feeling.   It is a very unique center of total wellness and being that is felt the moment you enter.  Arizona hosts many amazing spas, but the Agave Spa is different in their approach; focusing on fostering the health between the mind-body connection.  At Agave, not only your body will be pampered, but the wellness of your mind will be addressed, because as they believe, where the mind goes the body follows.  Drawing lightly on Eastern Essence and a partnership with the Vaughn Center for Meditation and Wellness, the treatments and experiences within these walls are created to benefit your inner self, as well as the tensions you carry around in your muscles all day, and their success is apparent in the glowing faces leaving their treatment rooms.  While boasting all the requisite spa amenities, such as a 24-hour fitness center and traditional treatments, this spa brings it to another level with the holistic approach to their services.

Treatment Spotlight:

The Agave Spa has many treatments on their spa menu that are completely exclusive to this resort, and some developed on location by their very own staff of technicians.  One of these exclusive treatments is the Wellness Massage.  It is a 50-minute massage designed to bring balance back to the “whole” person, while relaxing your aches and pains with an amazing massage.  Upon entering a treatment room at Agave, you’re told to please pour your worries and troubles into a traditional Apache Burden Basket hanging in your treatment room, which is then released outside the room to ensure your mind is free and clear to begin.  From their you’re treated to an array of aromatherapies while being massaged and catered to at each moment.  After leaving this incredible and slightly spiritual treatment, one thing is certain, your worries are far from your mind and your feet feel far from the ground.  The Agave Spa does not disappoint it’s patrons, as the promised attention to the entire person, the mind, and the body, is given in copious amounts and the results are so unique.  In these hectic days and stressful times, a place like Agave Spa is so needed, as we can all use a little more balance in our lives.