A Russian Import Better than Vodka.

Circulation. Detoxification. Rehydration. Relaxation. This is the mantra of Chicago Sweatlodge, who claim that 15 minutes in their stone saunas cleanse the body of impurities that would take the kidney 24 hours to remove. With both a wet Turkish bania and a dry Russian bania to experience, you could spend all day relaxing here.

Sweatlodges date back to the early tribes of the New World and public bath houses across the globe. Representing a communal gathering place, they often celebrate spirituality and a connection with fire and earth. A tradition across multiple cultural boundaries, the process of sweating can symbolize anything from rebirth to physical or spiritual cleansing.

And Chicago Sweatlodge is authentic to the core. Managing partner Ruslan Demydenko spent two years developing an old world sauna unlike any other in the Midwest. Built by Russian craftsmen, four tons of Belgian granite comprises the interior and exterior structure. Two additional tons of red stone are stacked inside the ovens, providing the unique, red hot, ionic steam heat or deep radiant dry heat.

The steam heat is said to accelerate your metabolism and break up fats, as well as increases the number of leukocytes in the blood, giving your immune system a quick detox. But enough about your health. Sauna’s are sexy. Contrast that with their ice cold pools, and you have the best of both worlds. The intense transition from hot heat to cold bath is an urban legend for natural medicine. The sudden shock supposedly improves blood flow and circulation to keep you young. But who cares about the technical terms when you feel this refreshed.

Because your chi needed a good spring cleaning.

Chicago Sweatlodge, 3500 N. Cicero Ave. in Chicago.