The Next “It” Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Launches Higher Priced Handbags at Saks

Handbag and ready-to-wear designer extraordinaire Rebecca Minkoff is moving up in the world of luxury “army candy.” Pairing with Saks Fifth Avenue, the designer is launching a line of more expensive Rebecca Minkoff Collection handbags set to hit Saks stores this week.

While the price tag might be higher than Minkoff fans are accustomed, the unique details are worth shelling out the extra money. Says Minkoff, “I get to play in an area I couldn’t justify before. There’s real gold in the rose gold hardware, and I’m using these amazing, beautiful calfskins and upper-tier materials that a Prada would use.” For now these luxe handbags will only be available at Saks Fifth Avenue locations (after all, they were the geniuses who requested the line), but it already has Minkoff thinking of the possibility of a complete high-end collection.

And with celebrity fans that include Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere, and Jessica Simpson we can expect these new carryalls to hit the streets faster than ever.

Minkoff will be visiting a handful of Saks Fifth Avenue stores starting on April 22. So, if you would like a glimpse at this chic designer, check out her blog for more tour information: