The In-Crowd: A Look into Willo

Many people associate luxury with what’s new, flashy, and trendy, but in Phoenix we have a lovely gem of luxury tucked away downtown and wrought with something you can’t buy in any new market: old-world class. The historic neighborhood of Phoenix’s exclusive Willo District is something off the path of the hipster glamour of Scottsdale, but houses some of the most elite and influential people in our state.

Phoenix is home to 36 historic neighborhoods, but Willo is one of the most revered. Entrance to this neighborhood is no small feat: purchasing an historic home in Willo is an effort. All homes are registered with the historic board, they are only listed with certain real estate agents, and most often they will need a large remodeling investment on the purchaser’s behalf that is also required to maintain the original architecture and style of the home. There are also many standards to be upheld by the new owner post-purchase. These neighborhoods are impeccably manicured, toured, photographed, and hold an air of timeless standards that you won’t find in a gated community of new builds. Much like an Upper East Side brownstone in NYC, the Willo district isn’t about nouveau riche, it’s about living in the class of days past.

The obvious appeal to these homes is the architecture and charm of their unique style, as well as owning something with history and tradition attached to its hinges. Sprawling Victorians and Tudors and styles in between means driving down a Willo District street is such a wonderful experience. To see the grandeur of homes that have been standing in Phoenix decades, or even a century, and the presence they still hold is something every Phoenician should take the time to do.  These homes were elite when they were built over a century ago, and none of that has rubbed off over time.

The Willo District consists of homes, shops, and establishments all associated with the historic society of downtown Phoenix.  In close proximity to the beautiful Copper Square district and entire downtown metropolis, Willo District is almost like the best-kept secret of those lucky enough to know of it’s location.  With its effortless superior ambience and upper echelon of residents, Willo District is the close-knit society of arguably the most beautiful homes in Phoenix. Like an Audrey Hepburn film, ’67 Mustang, or perfectly aged Merlot, newer may be flashier, but nothing takes the place of class.