The American Debut of Jewelry Designer Jig Pattni

Jig Pattni, the award-winning and celebrated jewelry designer made his American debut at the Ramscale Gallery on April 21. Dyanna Sidiropulo and Susan Blond, Inc. hosted the intimate evening as guests enjoyed delicious cocktails, harpist, and an exclusive glimpse into several of Pattni’s hautest creations.

A member of a jewelry family, the artist has manipulated platinum, gold, and rare gemstones to create beautiful jewelry since the age of fourteen. He’s won the coveted Design Innovation Award an astounding three times, a mark only he has accomplished. Guests included Jessica Gomes, Raquel Lohmann, Sunny Dhakan, Halyna Zhyrva, Rashel Sidiropulo, and Sasha Dri.

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