NYC : Not Your Daughter’s Jeans at Bloomingdale’s

A bad pair of mom-jeans … (aka unflattering, high wasted, tapered), can ruin a perfectly good day. Shame on the mother, shame on the jean maker. Yes, the body changes after childbirth and decades of gravity, but that doesn’t mean you have have a muffin top and panty lines due to poorly cut jeans. Do your mom and/or yourself a favor. Head to Bloomies on 59th tomorrow, April 20th at 6pm for an evening of refreshing fun.

Get a perfect fit that lifts and tucks in all the right places. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans event will be hosted by fashion expert Katrina Szish. Informal modeling, light refreshments and tips by Jane Loddo, Executive Merchandising Editor, Harper’s Bazaar. What better way to celebrate Tuesday cocktail hour?

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