Nello’s Mediocre Cuisine Attracts High-End Clientele

Beyonce and Jay-Z approved, Nello in NYC attracts legions of famous and wealthy diners despite its mediocre cuisine. Bland risotto, gritty mushrooms “sawdusty” chicken livers and tasteless lobster ravioli characterize the overrated menu that racks up a bill of about $600 for four, says Eater. It’s redeeming quality: atmosphere and the pasta. Artfully arranged floral arrangements and beautiful window views make for an enjoyable afternoon or evening over buttery pasta with truffles. Regardless, Nello, which opened in 1992 boasts some of the richest and most influential in the city who continuously show up to see and be seen

Nello is located at 696 Madison Ave., New York; (212) 980-9099