Master Of His Craft: Phil Mickelson Wins Masters Amidst Publicity Surrounding Wife’s Illness

As everyone knows by now, Phil Mickelson was ultimately awarded the coveted green jacket in what was one of the more exciting Masters in golf history. Mickelson’s consistent play led to his win over notorious rival Tiger Woods, who finished five shots behind Mickelson in fourth place. Amazingly enough, most of the buzz surrounding the 2010 Masters did not involve Woods’ womanizing ways, nor even his expletive-laced outbursts during the tournament. Despite vows to the contrary, Woods proved that he has still not managed to control his emotions at tournaments—he can be seen on film angrily berating himself following several less-than-spectacular shots. Although clad head to toe in Nike gear (one of the few brands who stuck with Woods following his very public fall from grace, which led to a five-month hiatus from the game and a stint in rehab,) Woods failed to “just do it,” announcing after the tournament that he was disgusted with his level of play, and had entered the tournament expecting to win it: “I entered this event and I only enter events to win,” said Woods, whose wife Elin did not attend the tournament. “I didn’t get it done. I didn’t hit the ball good (sic) and I made too many mistakes around the greens.” Perhaps the conspicuous absence of support from his wife Elin contributed to his poor showing, while the concerted effort made by Amy Mickelson to support her husband was the good luck charm Phil Mickelson needed to secure his third win at the Masters.

Indeed, Amy’s presence was the source of the most talk, given her very public and debilitating battle with breast cancer, which kept her confined inside a house near Augusta National for much of the week. In a tragic turn of events, both Amy and Phil’s mother, Mary Mickelson, were diagnosed with breast cancer within six weeks of each other last summer. Although the prognosis for both women is good, the day-to-day medication takes a toll on their lifestyle. Once one of the more public figures on the PGA circuit, Amy has not been seen at a tournament with her husband for months. That is why her appearance on the 18th green of this year’s Masters caused such a stir, as did the pair’s loving embrace following Mickelson’s emotional win. The moment is being called one of the most touching in Augusta’s long history.