Long Island’s Mega Mansions Flourish

The money is flowing in New York’s Long Island burrow and dozens of extravagant mansions are popping up all around the area to prove it. A recent New York Times article dug into the current real estate projects that are making Kings Point on the North Shore of the island the “it” place to be building right now.

Ranging from $4 million to $10 million and above to build, these lavish homes show no mercy when it comes to their construction. Talk about a bang for your buck. With 22 on their way through construction and nine more on the back burner expected to be underway come summer, this ritzy area doesn’t know the meaning of restraint with these outstanding estates.

One of the area’s mega-mansions on its way towards completion is the 28,000-square-foot estate located along the Kings Point shoreline. With iron railed balconies, massive columns, and elaborate designs on a limestone exterior, who wouldn’t love to call this place home? Some of the other jumbo residences feature domed foyer ceilings, distinctive stone carvings, and gold leaf detailing. Even the toilets are high end with warm-water-flushing to avoid condensation.

However, a breathtaking homeland isn’t all the area has to offer. Marcelle Fishler reported that the neighborhood is one of the strongest [residential] markets on North Shore because of the top-rated schools, flourishing parks, and easy 25-minute express train commute into Manhattan.

Source New York Times