Lighting Up The Beverly Wilshire

If you were walking around New York’s Grand Central Station yesterday morning around 10 a.m., near the main terminal, you may have had to stop and do a double take. Or perhaps you were taking in all that our beloved West Coast has to offer, and your double take happened when you were passing by the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons in L.A. around 7:30 p.m. in the evening.

The magic of ArtLumiere lit up both NYC and Los Angeles yesterday, with its art in public spaces project that displayed a sequence of images, projected in light onto the “canvas” in these historic space. Modern cityscapes, log cabins, and buffalos roaming the Great Plains are the feast for the eyes of New Yorkers this week, while in the City of Angels, a modern glass-paneled palace, scene from a Wild West landscape and log cabin will satiate Angelenos appetite for art.

The light installations can be viewed all throughout the week as a celebration of America: The Story of the U.S., a program described as, “an epic 12-hour television event and national educational initiative covering 400 years of American history, which will premiere on the History Channel on Sunday, April 25, 9pm ET/PT with new episodes airing on Sundays through Memorial Day.