He Wears it Well: The Haute 5 Men’s Boutiques in Dubai

The impact of men’s fashion is often underestimated in comparison to the openly style conscious female. We’re so used to seeing the monotonous black business uniform that we easily forget about the art of the tailor-made suit, silk tie, cashmere sweater, cuff-links, and elegant dress shirts. While men are seemingly more subdued when it comes to talking about fashion, they certainly recognize the importance of the looking suave, stylish, and sleek especially here in Dubai. Whether going out on the town, to a fancy restaurant, or hitting the golf course with friends, the following the men’s boutiques in Dubai are classy, modern, and popular among expatriates and local Emiratis.

Hatem Alakeel

Quickly becoming one of the foremost Gulf designers, the young Saudi designer Hatem Alakeel has changed to the image of the traditional Arabic “thobe.” The tunic-like garment is ankle-length with sleeves and is traditionally worn by men of the Arabian peninsula including Egypt and Morocco. Hatem launched his first line of Menswear at the Dubai Fashion in 2008 and ever since his designs have been a hit. He named this line “Toby” which translates into Arabic “Tobe” referring to a common Arabic expression “Al Basmin Thoby” meaning “I wear my own style.” Hatem was educated in Europe and the United States but feels proudly for his Middle Eastern roots. The lack of individual style in traditional Arabic menswear prompted him to create such a line. Hatem has now designed sports pants and T-shirts for wear outside of the home. Hatem’s Toby line are elegant and versatile and can easily be worn for a variety of occasions.


Maison Zilli

The premier French menswear fashion house is considered to be one of the most exclusive men’s fashion boutiques in the world. Opening in Dubai at the Wafi Mall in 2004, Zilli offers a complete range of luxury menswear and is based on seven primary elements in the collection: overcoats, three-quarter coats and jackets, shirts, shoes, ties, and leather goods. The company is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and richness of materials. All Zilli products are crafted in Lyon where 80 people manufacture individually all leather and fur items, jackets and overcoats, and three-quarter coats, and belts. The epitome of luxury menswear and a real hit in Dubai.

Zilli, Wafi Mall 04 324 4223 www.zilli.fr


The oldest French couture House founded in 1889 by Jean Lanvin has found a home in the Dubai Mall and is the largest boutique for the brand in the Middle East. The traditional Lanvin menswear is renowned for its elegance and superb tailoring while the latest collections arrive somewhere in between the refined and rough gentleman. A bit undone does appear to be fashionable right now and Lanvin will certainly help you do it with class.

Lanvin, Dubai Mall, 04 362 7500


The exclusive brand of tailor-made men’s clothing has been an independent and family owned company since 1945. Renowned for finely tailored powerful business suits, the House of Brioni has become the benchmark for custom-made menswear. Brioni has dressed powerful politicians and presidents as well as celebrities such as Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and Kirk Douglas. A Brioni suit has thus become a timeless addition to any man’s wardrobe and symbolizes the best in bespoke tailoring.

Brioni, Dubai Mall, 04 434 1418


One of the most popular brands in Dubai for high-end menswear is the Italian brand Canali. Specialized in luxury menswear and accessories, Canali uses the natural fibers of the best quality an often such materials are made exclusively for Canali. The boutique dates back to 1934 when brothers Giovanni and Giacome Canali established an artisan workshop in the city of Brianza in Lombardy for the production of high quality clothing. By the mid-1970s Canali was run by the second generation of the family and specialized in men’s outerwear. The 1980s consolidated Canali’s international presence and ever since the brand has become a favorite for luxury menswear.

Canali, Dubai Mall, 04  330 8334