Haute Highlights: Made in Tribeca

The March/April edition of Haute Living New York may be themed around the music industry this year, but in 2009, we focused the edition around the power players who were making moves in New York’s film industry. The cover of the edition featured Spike Lee, but today, I want to point your attention to our One on One profile of Jane Rosenthal, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival. The 9th annual event will kick off in seven short days with the premiere of Shrek Ever After, the first 3-D film at the festival.

The history of the festival is compelling. As the profile of Jane notes:

After the harrowing events of September 11, residents of trendy Tribeca were forced to vacate their homes. Once they returned, a constant reminder of that dreadful day and an ever-present sense of fear loomed. Suddenly Tribeca was the last place on anyone’s evening agenda, and the spirit and camaraderie that once pulsed through this golden triangle was gone. Rosenthal took this as a call to action. Along with her partner Robert De Niro, Rosenthal sought to breathe new life into Tribeca. Armed with talent, connections, and perseverance, the duo planned a film festival that would celebrate filmmaking in New York, and would premiere in a mere 120 days.

Read the entire profile of Jane Rosenthal and the Tribeca Film Festival here and then check out the official site for this year’s lineup.