Hainan Rendez-Vous Marks the Resurgence of Luxury

It’s the return of the luxury lifestyle, in full force. Starting tomorrow (April 2 to 4), China will host 2010 Hainan Rendez-Vous, its first luxury lifestyle event in Sanya that will feature one of the largest private jet shows, luxury yacht displays, exclusive presentations of the most opulent real estate properties, and a lifestyle collection, which is sure to wow any observer.

From king size beds to Jacuzzis and custom designed bars, these soaring jets offer more than just a transport to your next destination. The invitation-only Jet Collection showcase will feature some 150 of the world’s most eminent jet designs in an unforgettable aircraft display across the Asia-Pacific. In-flight luxury has no match with these airborne plazas.

What is luxury without an escape at sea? Unlike any of its kind, the Rendez-Vous Yacht Collection will feature China’s largest on-water display of some of the most extravagant cruisers within their natural setting. Take a deep gasp because these outstanding mega yachts are sure to take your breath away.

From travel to stagnate luxuries, the event’s luxury property collection is aimed at promoting an elite lifestyle that is unlike the rest. It will showcase some of the area’s most remarkable resort homes and in addition, will also provide guests with helpful tips and advice with possible investments. Start taking notes future investors!

Vintage automobiles and premium spirits just begin to represent the prestigious atmosphere surrounding the event’s lifestyle showcase. Exclusive previews and one-of-a-kind experiences capture just about every desired luxury concept imaginable.