Diane von Furstenberg and Lisa Adams Unite For Dress For Success

It’s well into spring, and therefore time for a little feng shui in the form of some good, old-fashioned spring cleaning. But we at Haute Living don’t condone boring, ordinary cleaning that involves carting those old t-shirts and jeans to your nearest Goodwill. No, we do spring cleaning like we do everything else: with style and flair. Two women who’ve certainly got a lot of that are Diane von Furstenberg and Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design, and they’re putting all that fashion know-how into a fun, fresh, and philanthropic event.

On April 29, at the DVF boutique on Melrose Ave, fashionista guests are invited to spring clean their closets and shop the alluring and highly-coveted DVF Spring 2010 Oasis Collection at the same time. Lucky guests will be treated to hors d’oeuvres, wine, and special gifts from DVF and LA Closet Design, but there’s a catch: they’ll have to earn those fashion goodies by bringing in a gently worn dress. And it’s all for a good cause because 10 percent of the sales will benefit Dress for Success. Did you hear that?

It’s the sound of chic LA girls cleaning out their closet, making room for some new DVF designer duds.