$18,500,000 • Miami, FL

Created in 1998 to the exacting specifications of a Star with 12 Grammies and 100 million viewers across the Latin world, this 50,000 square foot production complex is the dream facility for those desiring access to the rapidly growing global market for Latin-themed media.

At the heart of the building is a box within a box containing three studios. A clever placement of walls allows the removal of the interior spines to create future, larger combinations of the existing studios. Combinations of 2100, 4000, and 7200 square feet exist within the box. Studio A, largest of the three studios, was the driving force for the construction technology which is present within the complex today. As Studio A was envisioned as a modular set with several themed areas on a stage designed to allow the participation of a live audience of more than 200 persons, it requires abundant lighting and a huge amount of air conditioning with the water cooled chillers to be in continual use during production. Sound attenuation of the mechanical systems was paramount in the construction and has resulted in earning a rating of NC 25 even with the 400 tons of air conditioning running at full capacity. The interior and exterior sound proofing of the box combines with an elaborate and huge steel skeleton system to independently support the heavy loads of lighting and production requirements. Two additional smaller studios are arrayed along the spine of Studio A on the ground floor of the complex.

The complex has been thoughtfully planned to allow a large number of independently hosted and assisted guests in multiple green rooms which are accessed through up to five entrances to ensure the element of surprise when desired and security when needed. Separate audience screening and holding areas have their own entrances with on site parking for more than 100 vehicles plus ample space for several production vehicles, control facilities, satellite uplink trucks and back-up power generation. Office space, star dressing and reception facilities, conference and production rooms, and an employee cafeteria are located on two floors forward of the studios. Fiber optic lines serve the street adjacent the complex.

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Offered @ $18,500,000

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