Wolfgang Puck Returns to Cater the Oscars

Famous chef Wolfgang Puck returns yet again for another round of food at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. And his menu is looking good.

For his 16th year, Wolfgang Puck saves the growling stomachs at the Oscars by bringing an enticing menu for the celebrities to indulge in at the official Oscars’ after party, The Academy Awards Governors Ball.

He’s got about 1,500 stomachs to feed and he is ready for the challenge. Along with him he’s bringing 15 pounds of gold dust, 25 gallons of cocktail sauce, 1,000 pounds of salmon, 2,000 miso cones, 4,800 eggs, 7,200 shrip, 50,000 baby veggies, and also renowned pastry chef Sherry Yard to help him with the sweets going around the tables.

Take a look at the menu on the next page, and try not to be too jealous.