Top Five Most Expensive Watches in The World

In our effort to investigate the best watches out there, we just so happen to stumble upon the top five most expensive watches in the world.  We decided to provide you this list because Haute readers are accustomed to adorning only the finest timepieces on their wrists, and the five watches below give you just that. Even if the price tag is a little more then you might spend, you still have to admit, these are some pretty bad-ass watches.

Fifth  — Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon $1.3 million —  is number five on our list and can be summed up in two words, simply awesome.  Equipped with two faces, this watch is rumored to be the watchmaker’s finest piece. Its intricate creation is second to none.  The design is simple yet sophisticated, offering a perpetual calendar, retrograde date, and it even lists the lunar phase. By simply flipping the top face, the watch reveals a celestial view detailing the sidereal time and a sky-chart that traces the stars and phase and orbit of the moon.