Tighten Up: Haute 5 Workouts in San Francisco

If you’ve been following the SF Haute Five for the past few months, then you, faithful reader, have been directed to the coolest, classiest and most calorically rich spots in town. If you’re like me, that means indulging, enjoying, and packing on a little extra poundage. Are those designer jeans a little snug around the middle? Never fear!  Haute Living has your back, middle, and rear end with this week’s Haute 5 Workouts. Put down that pain au chocolat and get moving…it’s time to make you sweat. After all, bathing suit season is approaching.

Bootcamp SF

In need of a good ass kicking? Don’t be shy. It’s rewarding to be tired and worn-out and pushed to the farthest limit. We all need to be whipped into shape sometimes and Bootcamp SF is there for us. Bootcamp is never easy and they don’t sugar coat it.  They don’t coddle. You’re gonna be sore. You’re gonna sweat. You’re gonna want to quit. But you won’t. Team mentality, great trainers and classes that take place in the most beautiful parks of the city are great motivators. Bootcamp SF meets at different times in many different locations to accommodate even the craziest of schedules. You’re all out of excuses.  Just call.

Bootcamp SF offices are located at 1550 California St., 415.921.8537