The Suite Life: The View is Better from the Top

Ride in the same elevator as the ordinary folk? Not you. Welcome to the United Center’s 200-level Lexus Club, the most exclusive floor of the stadium club. With the Bulls and the Blackhawks both closing in on Playoff hopes, it’s time to get your ticket to the big game.

Lexus Club seating is dedicated to delivering extraordinary convenience, comfort, and enjoyment, offering the ultimate in prestige and satisfaction. Whether entertaining family, friends or business associates at a pivotal playoff game, an exclusive event or the hottest concert, Lexus Club Seat members will enjoy the privileges that are only associated with suite ownership.

The Bud Light Legends Lounge is the largest Super Suite, combining five penthouse suites and accommodating 80 guests. With two full service bars, 10 LCDs, a concierge and housekeeping, is there really any other way to watch a game?

With an initial investment of $30,000, you will receive a $35,000 credit towards the use of any Day-of-Event rental penthouse and super suites at the United Center for a one-year period.

You choose the game or event, the size of the suite (20-person penthouse or 40- or 80-person super suites), the food package and along comes all the standard benefits- tickets, parking, refreshments, suite attendants, private entrances, scoreboard recognition, and luxurious accommodations. Ohhh the suite life.