The Star Diamond Standard

The Mark

And while you’re soaking up life in the fast line, East Coast-style, might I suggest a stay at The Mark. While the address on the corner of 77th Street and Madison Avenue may be historic, the newly revamped interiors, courtesy of French designer Jacques Grange, are nothing short of sumptuous. Upscale hotel décor is not a new trend in the 21st century, but when tended to the way it has been at The Mark, nothing short of jaw-dropping gasps have been heard from first-time visitors upon entering. The billing on The Mark claims to blend the best of everything French, British, and American. What would that combination be, you ask? Toss together avant-garde French style, outstanding service that the Brits are known for, and the modern technologies that we here in the States can’t live without, and you have the strategy for success embraced by The Mark.

Madison Avenue at 77th Street
New York, NY 10075

Vita-Life V-Systems

Now if you thought that we here at the Academy were only interested in luxury travel, let me shed a little light on the other areas that we cover. Not only are we concerned with vetting the top properties around the world for the coveted Star Diamond awards, but we also evaluate products as well. With that in mind, it is with pleasure that I introduce you to Vita-Life V-Systems, which was selected as the most advanced wellness lounger in the world. Aesthetically, it may look like something out of Star Trek, but in terms of holistic well being, this system delivers magnetic frequencies, colored light, sound waves, as well as vibrations. Mind and body healing has never been this haute.

Holland America Line

I have been the Ambassador of Luxury Travel here at Haute Living for quite some time now, so I am quite familiar with the demographics of this audience. I know that most of you are perusing the pages of this issue right now aboard a private yacht, either owned by you, chartered by you, or belonging to one of your near and dear friends. With that already understood, I still would be remiss not to mention the fact that Holland America is one of the most spectacular cruise lines in the world, otherwise it would have never made it past our board to win the Star Diamond Award. While most of you fly private and are yachting enthusiasts to your core, my work with the Academy covers many industries, and it is my job to bring you news of the best of the best in those industries, including commercial airlines and cruise lines. Holland America is certainly of that caliber to stand strong in its category.