The Sky’s the Limit for Young British Watchmaker Bremont

It’s not often you see British watchmakers carrying some serious weight, especially when their biggest competitors are the heavy-hitting Swiss. But, brothers Giles and Nick English were determined to create an authentic watch company specializing in aviator-style chronograph timepieces, and their determination has paid off.

Bremont Watch Company, which launched in July 2007, was conceived of after their father’s—an RAF aerobatic champion who succumbed during practice for an air display in the States—passion for watches. The brand is currently selling in more than 35 countries, and its watches have been spotted on the wrists of Bear Grylss, Charley Boorman, and Everest climber Jake Meyer.

Part of their success has been the brothers’ homage to British elegance and style; each watch is designed in Britain and hand assembled in the small town of Biel/Bienne. And though they did turn to the Swiss for some inspiration, English says, “the history of watches is all British, really. We’ve made watches in Britain since the 19th century—Rolex was founded in Britain. We feel quite passionate about bringing back some of that history.”

In true commemoration of their father’s extreme lifestyle, the brothers recently teamed up with Martin-Baker, the company that invented the ejection seat on planes. The product of this collaboration is the MBI, a limited-edition watch exclusively available to members of Martin-Baker’s “ejection club” (during its first run). An astounding 7,200 people have been ejected from a Martin-Baker seat over the last 55 years, and the MBI is a fitting celebration of the risks endured by the members. And while we don’t expect to join that group of adrenaline junkies anytime soon, this timepiece is a haute example of superior watchmaking, and, especially, the fulfillment of two brothers’ great dream.