Stop Stalin: Former Dictator’s Car Up for Sale

A listing that can be considered a collector’s dream: Former Dictator Joseph Stalin’s Parade Car is up for sale on JamesList (where else?). The ZIL ZIS-110 Limousine is modeled after the Packard Super Eight and powered by a six-liter, eight-cylinder engine producing 140 horsepower and a top speed of more than 87 miles per hour.

Stalin’s former automobile was inspired by a gift from beloved president FDR, the Packard, back in the war-torn days of the 20th century. It left such an undeniable impression on the former dictator that he ordered ZIL to copy it. In 1950, it was designated as the communist’s parade car, which is why it has so few miles on it (about 793 miles). It was retired from its post after the dictator’s death in 1953.

It was restored to its original specifications and features by Makela Auto Tuning, a Finnish restoration company of specialists, in 2001. It features a manual shift for those who prefer a nostalgic approach to driving, among many other features. JamesList also displays photo albums with old pictures of the dictator using the car as well as ownership papers certifying the car’s heritage.

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