Sex and the City Fashion Alert

The popular and groundbreaking series, Sex and the City, has no doubt pioneered fashion for this generation. And in the advent of the popular T.V. shows second motion picture, we have some insider details on what the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker will be wearing. It looks like Mrs. Carrie Bradshaw Preston, a fashionistas favorite fictional character, will be bringing back the 80s with key pieces from Closed.

You might recall Closed as the German denim brand that brought us the famous pedal pushers and stone washed jeans of the 80s. Bringing back the 80s style with a slight twist from Patricia Field, SATC’s stylist, it looks like SJP will be donning three distinct Closed styles on the upcoming film. One of which includes a Pedal Sky Zip, reminiscent of the 80s, and of course the pedal pusher. Closed has been an established denim brand since the late 70s, in recent years Closed has evolved into a brand that is sophisticated, encompassing casual wear into a distinguished look.

A favorite among celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Tom Cruise, and Hillary Swank Closed is carried in several boutiques around the world including Amsterdam, Munich, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.