Royal Pearls Turn To Poop

On her 28th birthday, Kate Middleton was surprised with an astonishing pair of antique pearl earnings from her boyfriend, Prince William, which she enjoyed for only a couple days until they turned into an unexpected snack for her black cocker spaniel, Otto.

The earrings were nothing short of cheap. William sought out a private dealer that he personally tracked down in order to find the unique pair of studs. Little did he know that they would end up in Otto’s stomach.

Middleton “adored” the earrings and immediately started wearing them, however she was shocked to find them missing from her bedside table just a few days later. After searching the house in panic, she came back upstairs to find a few things out of place along with some teeth marks. Next to her bed sat the culprit, Otto, liking his paws and looking somewhat satisfied.

After searching his mouth at an attempt to find any remains, she came up empty and decided to share the unfortunate news with William. William responded with laughter and even made a joke saying that she’d have to wait for them to come out the other end.

Middleton took Otto on his daily walks waiting for him to return what was hers. When the inevitable finally happened, Middleton was unfortunately left with disappointment to find the earrings completely damaged and too badly chewed to be saved.  William responded to the situation carefree by telling her not to worry and that he would get her another pair. His main concern was for Otto and making sure that he was OK.

Middleton can now find the humor in the situation but was embarrassed and upset after the incident occurred.