Make a Break for It: 10 Questions for Half Moon Bay Hotelier Jamie Barber

Living in San Francisco, it can be hard to get away from everything. The city itself is a draw, a destination spot for both national and international guests that stream from hotels and snap pictures from double-decker buses. So where do SF residents go for a relaxing vacation from everyone else’s vacation?

Half Moon Bay is a coastal haven located about 30 minutes south of San Francisco. Featuring beautiful beaches, well known wineries, and world-class golf courses and outdoor pursuits, Half Moon Bay is the quintessential respite for Bay Area city-dwellers.

Haute Living sat down for a chat with noted business owner and proprietor of the Half Bay Moon Inn Jamie Barber to talk life in a seaside town. After recently investing $2 million into the historic space, Jamie knows a thing or two about creating a unique, welcoming experience for visitors!

Haute Living: What drew you to the Bay Area?

Jamie Barber: I moved to the Bay Area with my parents when I was 12 years old.  My father worked for Standard Oil Company and was transferred to San Francisco.  They ended up buying a house in Belmont.

HL: Opening up a bed and breakfast is your “dream job.” What inspired you to enter into the hospitality field?

JB: I worked as a Concierge for United Airlines in the First Class International Department.  Providing our customers with excellent service was our goal.  This experience (26 years) has greatly influenced how my guests are treated at the Inn.

HL: Do you see many San Franciscan guests? What entices people about Half Moon Bay?

JB: Yes, many people come and stay for one or two nights from San Francisco.  They want to get away from the city and take hikes or stroll the beach, watch sunsets and just unwind and relax.