Lasik and Lee: Entourage Star Gets Lasered

Our good friend, Dr. Cory Lessner, lasik surgeon to the stars, and Rex Lee, Entourage celebrity, spent some quality time together recently in sunny South Florida when Lee was seen strutting the Sunshine State walking to the MD’s office to get his eyes fixed.

The renowned doc has performed more than 20,000 eye surgeries throughout his career—all of which were successful and helpful for clients like professional NBA and NFL players. Even, formerly dubbed “The Rock” actor Dwayne Johnson trusts the guy.

Lee, who is famous for his character on the HBO hit Entourage produced by Rob Weiss, apparently needed some lasik surgery and flew down to Florida to meet with the surgeon to the stars and get surgery on his eyes once and for all.

But, before the actually surgery went down, doc and actor took the time to take some playful pics for the public—switching roles between the patient and the doctor.

After the whole ordeal was over, Lee was seen walking out of the office, happy and seeing clear as a bell.