Five Haute Megayachts of the World

We know that the haute lifestyle includes lavish parties, expensive watches, and lots of diamonds. But, to really be considered in this upper echelon of high society, megayacht ownership is a must. For your free-time pleasure, we’ve scoured our sources for five of the most luxurious megayachts decorating the high seas, plus a little info on their owners. After all, it can never hurt to know who your competition is…

Eclipse (pictured above)

Owner Roman Abramovich

Length 162.5 meters (533.14 feet)

Price Around $350 million

Why is it Haute? Because this bad boy is still under construction at the Blohm + Voss Hamburg shipyard and it’s already on the list for being the largest, best yacht in the world on That’s not it. The megayacht can comfortably accommodate 30 guests in 15 suites plus 70 crewmembers. You can also take a dip in its 53-foot pool and when you get bored with that, play around with its depths and turn it into a dance floor. Feel free to also bring your own helicopter for drop off on the mansion of the seas, for it can accommodate three choppers on its surface. Did I mention that its interiors are being designed by famed UK designing house Terence Disdale Design?

Who is Roman Abramovich? Like you don’t already know. He’s one of the world billionaires who has never seen his name fall off of Forbes. The Russian oligarch made a fortune in the steel business but he also enjoys investing and building his wealth. Who doesn’t?


Owner Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Length 162 meters (531.50 feet)

Price Rumored to cost between $300-350 million

Why is it Haute? This yacht just recently got kicked out of the No. 1 spot by Eclipse after holding the position since 2006. But this megayacht is still haute because its staircase is made up of glass steps that constantly change colors. Plus, this mega-high-seas-hit features seven decks and plenty of luxurious spaces to sunbathe while sailing on the ocean. It can accommodate up to 115 people and it has a bunch of VIP guest suites so that you’ll live in style even when you’re not on land. It can also accommodate a helicopter of up to 9.5 tons, so you can be sure to get there in style.

Who is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum? He’s not just some guy with a really long alias; he’s actually got a few titles attached to his name. He is the prime minister and vice president of the United Arab Emirates and he’s the ruler of Dubai. His net worth was estimated to be about $12 billion in 2009.

Prince Abdulaziz

Owner King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Length 147 meters (482.28 feet)

Price It is estimated to have cost $184 million

Why is it Haute? Because this baby is equipped with something called roll motion effect, which allows the megayacht to navigate the seas in a very cruise-like manner, making the luxurious experience even better. It was also custom-built by Helsingor Vaerft in Helsingor, Denmark. It accommodates 64 guests plus 65 crewmembers for the comfort of the people aboard. It’s capable of 22 knots flat out and a cruising speed of 182 knots.

Who is King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia? In addition to his title, he is also one of the richest men in the world with a reported net worth of about $21 billion. He has 36 other brothers and has four wives, seven sons and 15 daughters. His family should definitely have a reality show on TLC: 22 kids, four wives, and counting…

Al Said

Owner Sultan Qaboos of Oman

Length 155 meters (508.53 feet)

Price It was reportedly built for $109 million

Why is it Haute? Because it has the capability of going at 25 knots flat out and a cruising speed of 22 knots. It can accommodate up to 70 guests plus a 154-member crew onboard. Additionally, the interior and exterior styling was done by Espen Oeino and Redman Whiteley Dixon.

Who is Sultan Qaboos of Oman? Part of the royal family of Oman, sans any heirs to the throne. Perhaps some would say that’s what you get when you overthrow your father in a 1970-palace coup for the right to rule.

El Horriya

Owner Egyptian Government. Originally built for Isma’il Pasha.

Length 145.72 meters (478.08 feet)


Why is it Haute? Because it was built in 1865 and it’s still holding up. It’s one of the oldest and largest yachts in the world. It was originally built for Isma’il Pasha, the khedive of Egypt, but it is now property of the Egyptian Government. It is capable of accommodating 160 crewmembers onboard and it was custom built in London.