How To Get Carpet Haute – Kinara Spa Gladly Shows You The Way

This past week, Kinara Skin Care Clinic & Spa offered a chic and exclusive menu of luxurious and customized services to elite 2010 Oscar nominees and presenters. For years, Kinara has been a hot spot of where to get gorgeous for actress like Halle Berry, Christina Applegate and Jessica Alba. This year, they offered a special package to get that Red Carpet perfection: The Red Carpet Facial, Red Carpet Body Peel, and Red Carpet Pedicure — all treatments designed to achieve the ultimate results for Oscar night.

Many stars decided to complete their day with a little summer sun glow – something that’s usually quite prevalent in Los Angeles, but this weekend is totally about the rain. Fiona Locke, St. Tropez’s Los Angeles-based skin finishing expert, says, With the most glamorous day of the year around the corner, everyone wants to know how gorgeous gets that way?  The reality is it all starts with preparing the skin for a flawless red carpet result!  Before many of the stars even think of getting dressed, they will be getting undressed and receiving a St. Tropez custom body finish to provide a glowing, fresh finish of color to celebrity skin, adding contours and definition to the body.

This went well beyond your standard day of beauty — these exclusive treatments give you a flawless, natural, un-Botoxed look…and it was all by invitation only.

In L.A. this really is how gorgeous gets that way.