Facebook & Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has opened up to a whole new market by announcing that they will broadcast their stylish creations on social networking sites.

By jumping onto the Facebook crave, the elite design company has established themselves as pioneers in the industry.  On March 10, 2010 at 2.30pm (CET) / 8:30 am (EST), Facebook members of the company’s fan page will view the latest Marc Jacobs’ designs for Louis Vuitton streamed live from Paris Fashion Week.  They are taking it to another level in communications by offering the same live stream on fan’s iPhones or at fashionshow.louisvuitton.com.  The company is making headlines for their innovation and news of this live streaming has increased their fan base on Facebook by 30 percent in only a few days.  Their fan base currently stands at around 850,000 and they have sent out 700,000 invitations for the showing already.

Not only will fans be privy to the show, but they will have incredible options like selecting camera angles and posting comments in order to improve future streams.

The company who rose to prominence by providing the finest in traveling luggage and then even further with the addition of Marc Jacobs, is showing how and why they are in a class of their own by giving fans of the product something so unique.  Imagine sitting front row with A-list celebrities perched on your every side while your eyes glance back and forth between the newest Marc Jacobs designs.  The exclusive just became inclusive as Louis Vuitton hopes to extend this extravagant experience to all fans.