Caffeine Dreams: Haute 5 Coffee Houses in New York

Looking for pitch perfect espresso? Fair trade, small farm, small batch organic coffee with big taste?  Sitcom-worthy ambience? Read on to find out where to go for all these things and more.

Gimme! Coffee

The name might seems like a little much, but once you try the coffee at Gimme!—which  Food and Wine ranked as one of the best coffee shops in the country – you’ll be shouting, “Gimme!” too. If the coffee isn’t enough of a draw, the commitment to fair trade, sustainability, family farms, organic ingredients and small batch roasting might do it for you. Or maybe you’ll be wowed by the baristas, who undergo intensive training and are said to be some of the best in the city. For the purest hipster coffee shop experience, head to the Williamsburg location.

Gimme! Coffee is located at 496 Lorimer Street in Brooklyn and 228 Mott St., in Manhattan.