Caffeine Dreams: Haute 5 Coffee Houses in Los Angeles


Purists, rejoice! At the LAMILL Coffee Boutique in Silver Lake, you can find coffee-geeks of every shape and size enjoying classic brews spewing from machines so technologically advanced they look like they could launch spaceships.  You can choose from sipping coffee prepared in a French Press (tres chic and old fashioned), go the way of the Eva Solo (otherwise known as “cupping”), or choose the Siphon Brew.  You can even go so far as to pick your bean – Guatemala El Socorro, anyone? Colombia Narino Mariana Micro Lot more your style?  Would you rather not have to figure out what any of this means and just enjoy a purely delicious coffee or espresso? They can do that, too.  (For tea enthusiasts, try the Hong Kong Milk Tea)

LAMILL Coffee Boutique is located at 1636 Silver Lake Blvd in Silver Lake  323.663.4441