‘Hurt Locker’ Hurt by Gross Revenues

Hey, not everything can break Avatar’s ratings. Biz Journals reported today that the Oscar winner for Best Picture at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, The Hurt Locker, is the lowest-grossing, Best Picture winning, film of all time. The Hurt Locker was reported as grossing a seemingly dismal $14.7 million at the box office, reported Box Office Mojo. The next lowest-grossing picture was “The Last Emperor” in 1987 with $43.98 million.

The Hurt Locker and its biggest competitor, Avatar, both earned nine nominations each and are on opposite ends of the gross revenues spectrum. Avatar was predicted to win, but hey, predictions can be wrong.

The recent Oscar-winning movie is one of three movies this decade to have won the most highly coveted award, despite their barely making the $100 million mark. The other two that fall into this category are No Country for Old Men with $74.3 million and Crash with $54.6 million.

The Hurt Locker takes place in Iraq as an intense portrayal of one of the most dangerous jobs in the world: disarming bombs during combat. It follows the trials of SFC William James taking over a highly trained bomb disposal team during his last month of duty. The plot heats up as they are failed a call to disarm a bomb of a man wandering inside a military checkpoint as one of the soldiers admits he can no longer deal with the pressure of the job and cannot wait to return home. Another soldier returns home only to start another tour months later. Sounds all too familiar for our troops who have our full support here at home.


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