What’s in a Brand? With Prada, it’s Confidence.

Just in time for all the frenzy that is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Prada made some profitable announcements earlier in the week.

The high-end Italian fashion house reported a 14 percent jump in retail sales during 2009, while other fashion houses around them were negatively affected by the ill economy. The brand even went so far as to predict that its operating profit would also be better than expected. Sounds like some big promises to keep in such an unstable economic environment. In a recent statement released by the company, Prada attributed their preliminary successes thus far, as well as their futures’, specifically to retail sales, although they did not provide specific amounts. Whether or not these claims will all ring true or not, well, it’s just a matter of time until we find out, but one thing is for sure, whether they do or they don’t, we’ll still consider Prada just as fabulous as before and still remain oh so proud to strut our fine selves around in their incredible, timeless pieces. Just as the saying goes, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” –such a simple statement but one that will continue to ring true for Prada-lovers worldwide time and time again.