Suiting Up in Duca Sartoria

First, chose items made from travel-friendly materials, which negates the need to pack a steamer. Secondly, whether you’re traveling to Miami for the Super Bowl, Europe for a vacation, Washington for a business trip, or Los Angeles for the Academy Awards, it is important to choose a few multipurpose travel-friendly items that work in any climate. Consider each fabric’s weight. Would the shirt that you’re debating whether or not to pack be comfortable enough for warm weather, but warm enough to wear under a jacket in cooler temperatures? Since I know “packing smart” is a difficult task for many, I’m happy to offer a few suggestions from Duca Sartoria that are perfect for traveling comfortably and elegantly.

Duca Sartoria
6 East 45 St.
Between Fifth and Madison Avenues
Suite 1502

Beneficial Blazer

Whenever I travel, I never forget my blue Duca blazer. The Duca blazer is made of Hopsack Super 150’S. This material is convenient for any occasion and is wrinkle-free. If needed, this blazer could even serve as a comfy pillow aboard your next flight. You need not worry about arriving a rumpled mess; hang it up for a few minutes prior to landing and it will be completely ready to wear. It includes several pockets, which, of course, are convenient when jetsetting. For example, I always know exactly where I placed my passport (lower left zippered pocket). I’ll also never lose my tickets, cash, iPhone, or ID, because the Duca jacket contains enough pockets for all of these essential items.

Prim and Proper

For a special evening out that may include VIP tickets to a gala or awards ceremony, you will undoubtedly need to have a travel-friendly tuxedo ready. I highly recommend packing one with a formal peak lapel made with black Loro Piana Super 160’S Tasmanian wool. Hang it up in the bathroom while you shower with the door closed. A few minutes of steam will be enough to give it that clean and crisp look. Then slip it on, bow your tie, and voila! You’ll look like a million dollars.

Effortless Chic

If I have to travel light, I take a gray suit made up of a heavy mix of wool and kid mohair. What makes this suit convenient is not merely the versatile color, but the fabric used as well. Aside from it being wrinkle-free, the look is acceptable for both day and night. For a formal effect, I can pair it with a tie, but for a more laid-back occasion, I know that wearing it over a classic open shirt will be both stylish and comfortable. One thing I also recommend is mixing and matching as many basics as possible. Matching the pants from the gray suit with the blue Duca blazer is a trick I suggest for a look that is still formal, but more casual than the full suit itself.