Read Between the Fiber Lines

“She looked good on paper, but it just didn’t work out.”

This was the true inspiration, according to Rick Davidman, director of DFN Gallery on their most recent exhibition “ Looks good on paper,” which premiered with a VIP launch event Tuesday evening.

Showcasing 47 artists, the turnout was needless to say overwhelming. As I entered the jam-packed 79th street portal of paper, someone suggested to sharpen up my elbows. However, though full as it was, attendees were extremely amicable.

Among the beauties of the show, shining starlettes included Mary Reilly’s Low Sun, Inwood Hill, Vincent Desiderio’s Echo of the Scream, and David Mahler’s City & Sky.

One particular piece stood out, radiating from the corner. The embodiment of Mr. Davidman’s coy inspiration response took form in the intrinsic nature of Serge Strosberg’s Soho I. A female leans slightly against the back drop of a large window pane. A half filled glass in hand, she gazes with alluring eyes, pressing her lower lip into the glass and appears to “look good on paper.”

The reality is that the perceptive viewer will notice the slight overlay of blankness, perhaps even a withdraw of emotion. A touch of vulnerability beneath the casual aloofness, she wavers among these emotions, which could in fact lead to one of those times when it “just didn’t work out.” Though the viewer cannot be sure if the romance is lasting or not, one can be certain this is an artist tapped into the synergy of a gallery.
The show runs February 3 – March 6, 2010.
DFN Gallery is located at 74 East 79th Street (at Park), New York, NY 10075