Picasso’s “Tete de femme (Jacqueline)” on the Auction Block

One of the greatest artists of his time, Pablo Picasso has been a valuable staple in the art world. His 1963 painting “Tete de femme (Jacqueline)” has earned Christie’s an impressive $13 million at the London impressionist and modern art sale. Impressive indeed, the amount doubled its pre-sale estimate. The painting had been out of circulation for almost 30 years. Christie’s auction raised a total of $106.8 million; the second highest earner was Dutch artist Kees van Dongen’s “La Gitane” for $11.35 million.

The pricey portrait is of his second wife, Jacqueline. Picasso married her late in his life and she became his most influential muse. Reportedly, he did more paintings of her than any other woman he had been with. It is said that she had a very short neck and Picasso would jokingly exaggerate this feature, as seen in the picture.