Philip Stein’s Wine Wands

When a wine bottle is opened, it’s usually breathing its first breath for the first time since it was poured into the bottle. Letting the wine breathe, however, can help to get rid of the vapors of alcohol, sugar, and acids that make it simmer.

Philip Stein is known for his ability to use naturally occurring frequencies to improve luxury products, and has now taken it upon himself to apply his tactics into the art of drinking wine. Usually in order for the wine to completely breathe out would take up to two hours, but Stein’s latest tool can help you do it in less than five minutes with the Wine Wand. They accelerate the aerating process of wine by replicating the natural frequencies of air and oxygen, and implanting them into the wine.  Your wine will be perfected and ready to drink within two to three minutes. The wands are available in full or travel sizes and come in almost any color you can think of. Their prices range from $325-$525.